frequently asked questions

how do i purchase the unisoft one system?

Click on the Store tab and follow the prompts or call UniSoft Medical Corporation at (860) 482-6848.

How much does a Unisoft one Mattress System cost?

Price is TBD, plus shipping via UPS or FedEx (Please note that we can’t ship to PO boxes or accept international orders at this time.)

What is the estimated delivery time?

We strive to fill orders within two business days. Expedited shipping is available.

what is the size and weight of the unisoft one mattress shipping box? 

The Unisoft is compact and light: we ship in a 8” X 18” x 30” box that weighs approximately 15 lbs.

Will the Unisoft one Mattress fit on my bed?

The Unisoft One is available in three lengths and is compatible with most healthcare beds.  Set up instructions and the UniSoft SPU manual are available here and included in the packaging.  If you have any questions or concerns with setting up the system, please call us at (860) 482.6848 or email

can I get reimbursed from medicare/medicaid for the cost of unisoft?  

Maybe. The Unisoft One qualifies under HCPS code E0277 for Part B Medicare Reimbursement. There are a number of requirements for reimbursement, including the presence of pressure ulcers on the patient’s trunk and a prescription from a physician. At this time, Medicare only reimburses for renting the UniSoft SPU (and all other mattresses in the category) from home medical supply companies. If you and your doctor believe the UniSoft SPU is right for you, please contact your local medical supply company and ask them to contact us.

If you don't qualify for Medicare reimbursement, or prefer to pay out of pocket so you can receive the Unisoft One without delay, you can order directly from us, no prescription required.  

Which home medical supply companies carry the UniSoft One Mattress System?

The list is growing rapidly; if your local company isn’t familiar with Unisoft please ask them to call or email us. We’ll sell them the product and they’ll arrange the rental directly with you.