our team

Unisoft Medical Corporation was founded and developed by industry professionals dedicated to improving patient care by reducing pressure ulcers and healthcare associated infections with innovative, affordable and sustainable hospital-grade healthcare equipment. 


Bob Mileti


A hardworking, passionate and driven visionary dedicated to finding meaningful solutions, Bob has exceeded the expectations for an ornery kid from the Bronx. He has a degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Bridgeport and holds 23 U.S. patents. Bob is a pioneer in impulse heat sealing technology with a genius for designing 3-D inflatable structures, nick-named "Bob-a-gami" by his team. 


Stacey duBell Mileti

founder + CEO

Stacey has an aptitude for business and economics and a passion for medical research; she works tirelessly to bring Unisoft innovations to market. She is responsible for all financial and legal matters, including intellectual property strategy and contract development. Stacey is also a founder of Trlby Innovative, LLC. She is a graduate of Colby College.