Using the unisoft one

The Unisoft One is unique and has three components:

UMC 2017 Mattress - bed.png

unisoft One mattress

UMC 2017 Mattress - bed.png

unisoft ONe pump

UMC 2017 Mattress - bed.png

unisoft One tube sEt

The Unisoft One mattress is placed on the bed frame (we recommend the use of a hospital bed) and inflated with either a rapid-inflate pump (available separately) or the Unisoft One pump.

Once inflated, the mattress is secured to the frame with the integral straps.  NOTE: Please refer to the User’s Manual for specific instructions on how to secure the Unisoft One mattress to various bed frames.

With the patient in bed, the caregiver sets the Unisoft One pump to the patient’s weight. Over time and depending on the bed position and the patient’s position in the bed, the caregiver may choose to adjust the level of firmness. Reducing the firmness allows the patient to immerse or sink deeper into the mattress.  Generally, the more a patient sinks into a mattress the lower the interface pressures.  The caregiver should consider immersion and comfort to determine the best setting for each patient. Different bed positions may require setting changes for optimal pressure relief and comfort.

The Unisoft One is guaranteed for a year and made from sustainable materials. When no longer needed, the mattress can be disposed of in the trash, or recycled in a growing number of areas (contact your city or town for information on their recycling program.)